Everything You Need to Know about Doorless Showers in Las Vegas

Doorless Showers in Las Vegas, good or bad?

The benefits of doorless showers (also known as walk-in showers) are numerous. They can add form and function to your bathroom. Consider the pros and cons associated with a doorless bathroom shower as you go through the bathroom remodel process. While some homeowners consider them a luxury, others see them as an addition to their home’s accessibility. We’ll work with you no matter how you view your project. Kingdom & Co.’s bathroom remodeling specialists are available to talk about your project, regardless of how specific your vision may be.

What is a Doorless Shower?

The doorless bathroom showers only include the shower stall and not the tub-shower combination. These showers are typically larger than closed ones, with transparent glass walls on either one or both sides.

You’ll find that doorless bathroom shower designs come in many sizes, materials, and privacy levels. Some showers have a wall at one end, while others have a bench in the middle. It is important to understand the construction commitment required for doorless showers. This information will help you decide if a doorless layout for your bathroom remodel is feasible.

What Size Should a Doorless Shower Be?

A doorless shower layout will require a larger footprint than a standard bathtub or shower stall. A standard shower stall should be at least 36 inches wide by 36 inches deep. However, an average doorless shower measures approximately seven feet by four inches. Some showers are larger. To prevent water from entering the rest of your bathroom, doorless showers need additional space. A doorless shower has an average height of 2 feet. The experts at Kingdom & Co. can give you a good idea of the shower-adjacent areas in the bathroom that could get wet that you should consider.

Your best option to maximize your space is to place your doorless shower in a corner. Your requirements for accessibility may be greater if you consider doorless showers as part of your bathroom.

Doorless Showers: The Pros and Cons

There are many pros and cons to consider if you decide that you have enough space for a doorless bathroom.

The pros and cons of doorless showers:

  • Accessibility: A doorless shower doesn’t need to be accessed from the outside. This makes them an ideal choice for bathroom remodeling projects that allow seniors to age in place. When deciding on the size of your doorless shower, keep mobility in mind.

  • Custom design: Kingdom & Co. treats all work in our home as a custom job. Our design team can help you explore options such as a bench, half wall, shelves for toiletries, and other features. This is your chance to make your dream a reality and to update your bathroom to match the architectural style of the home.

  • Open Air Feel: Your bathroom will appear larger and more open if there is no curtain or shower door. This is especially true for those who have windows in their doorless shower layout. You make up for the lack of privacy with natural light and a cleaner feeling.

The Cons of Doorless Showers

  • Space requirements: Doorless showers will require more space than you might think. A doorless shower is not possible if you are renovating an existing bathroom. You have options if you are planning on expanding your bathroom, or updating an existing large bathroom. Space requirements must be considered as you go through bathroom remodeling.

  • Privacy tradeoff: A closed shower offers more privacy than a shower without doors. You may be used to a glass-enclosed, clear-glass enclosed shower with glass doors. It may take some time to adjust from a completely private closed shower.

  • Potential for Colder Temperatures: Because there is no curtain or door to block the steam from your shower, doorless showers don’t lock in the water. This could make your doorless shower feel a bit drafty.

  • Consider Your Options Before You Replace Your Tub: A bathtub can help increase a home’s value. Consider the impact on your home’s value if you are looking at the footprint of your tub and considering replacing it with a shower doorless model. This is just a small part of the considerations you should make before you start your bathroom remodel.

It is not easy to incorporate a doorless shower in your bathroom remodeling project. You should avoid making costly mistakes in bathroom remodeling before you start.

For Your Next Project, Work with Local Las Vegas Bathroom Remodelers

Do you think a doorless shower would be a good option for your next bathroom remodel? A team with decades of experience, a reputation for quality, and values will help you choose the right company. Kingdom & Co. will help you navigate the bathroom remodeling process. Our expertise and reputation for quality are your best assets when it comes to bathroom remodeling in Las Vegas.