Costly Home Renovation Scams in Las Vegas You Should Know About

Las Vegas home renovations may cost a significant amount of money. You might have heard of various renovation scams and wonder if it is possible that it will happen to you when hiring home improvement contractors. It does happen and homeowners need to know what these renovation scams look like so they can avoid them.

Scams to avoid when starting your next remodel project

These scams usually involve the home improvement contractors taking advantage of clients who are interested in upgrades, renovations, additions, or repairs for their homes.

Here are some of the most common remodeling and renovation schemes.

Front Loading Remodeling Contracts

In most cases, remodeling contractors will not ask you for a large amount of money up front because it’s simply not necessary. Always ensure that you know exactly how much work your home renovation project will entail and what the price tag will be before handing over a penny.

Not Filing the Proper Permits

You’re legally required to get a Las Vegas building permit for any significant construction project. That may even include building officials visiting the site periodically to confirm that the work meets safety codes.

On small interior jobs, an unlicensed contractor may try to skip this by telling you that local authorities won’t notice. On large jobs that can’t be hidden, the contractor may try another strategy and ask you to apply for a homeowner’s permit, an option available to “DIY’ers“. Before you sign off on any home project, confirm that the contractor has filed for permits to do the work.

Using a Contractor That is Not Bonded

It is your duty as a homeowner to verify that your hired contractor is both licensed and bonded to ensure that the job will be completed according to your expectations and the jurisdiction’s requirements.

To determine if your contractor is bonded, ask them for their bond number and or certification. You should take extra precautions to ensure that both the bond and the license are up to date as well.

Overcharges and Low-ball Quotes

Another home renovation scam out there is known as a low-ball scam. This is where your contractor gives you a quote for that is much lower than what it will actually cost to complete the job. You approve it only to have the price dramatically increased once work has begun.

In order to avoid being taken advantage of, provide an outline of exactly what the work you want to be done in writing before quoting a final price. Your remodeling company should also be able to break down any additional costs associated with your project. It would also be wise on receiving any documentation from them detailing all materials and labor costs before accepting their quote.

Not Using Licensed Nevada Contractors

In Nevada, home improvement professionals are required to carry a license if they plan on doing any work over $500. Also, make sure to only hire someone who has been licensed by the state or look up their number in multiple sources. This way, you can avoid working with an unlicensed contractor and receiving subpar service as a result. In fact, you might want to go one step further and check their website before even contacting them. Here at Kingdom & Co., we have our license number displayed in the footer.


These scams are not the only renovation problems homeowners have to be wary of. There are also renovation disputes, home improvement contract issues, conmen, and home repair rip-offs that you may need to watch out for. Knowing what tactics these scammers employ will allow homeowners to stay vigilant even when they are presented with choices offering big discounts or deals on home renovation projects.